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What Sets Us Apart?

Our Community

We love the friendliness and diversity of the Audubon community. It's wonderful to be able to meet so many great people and help them maintain the health and beauty of their smiles. We make sure to express our people-first philosophy in the quality care and inviting atmosphere of our office. Kate Lembck Orthodontics has been serving our neighbors for over ten years and we look forward to many more.

Care For The Whole Family

Our practice is happy to provide care for multiple generations in a single family. We have designed our offices to be properly equipped and accommodating for patients of all ages and needs. Whether it's the very first visit to the orthodontist for your little one, an appointment to pursue your own healthy smile, or a search for an orthodontic practice you feel comfortable recommending to your parents and grandparents, we offer everything you need.

Advanced Technology

Our practice uses the best in modern orthodontic equipment for your ease and comfort. We use digital imaging to limit your exposure to X-rays and to produce the clearest images of your teeth. We also have a fully computerized patient care system to remind you of your upcoming appointments and give you access to your records, photos, and progress reports.

Knowing Your Care Provider

Dr. Lembck personally works with all of her patients and maintains a small, one-on-one practice to provide more personalized care to everyone who visits the office. This allows the whole team to be flexible and consistently informed about your orthodontic needs. For example, we can use our recall reminder system for patients who may not be ready for treatment right away and would like to schedule an evaluation for a later date. We also stay involved with your progress through the Lembck Lire program, which rewards your good oral health practices with special points you can redeem for prizes. We even provide a 24-hour phone number to call for emergency service.

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