Learn if you’re a candidate for orthodontic treatment using your cell phone. We'll review your smile and let you know if treatment is right for you.

Virtual Consultation

How It Works

Step 1

Take 8 pictures of your smile from the angles below.

Need help taking photos? Using spoons to retract your lips and cheeks.

You may use your fingers, but please make sure you wash your hands first! 

Step 2 

Text the eight pictures to (610) 624-8006.

Tips To Having Great Photos

  • Have a friend take the photos for you

  • Make sure your flash is on

  • Try and capture just your teeth ... zoom in 2-3 inches from the mouth

  • Relax your lips - don't make them tense!

  • Most important - keep your teeth together while taking photos, make sure to bite down on your back teeth.

Dr. Lembck and our team will review your

photos and get back to you as soon as we can. 

Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION with us today!

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