Why Patients Choose Us

Dr. Kate Lembck is a Specialist in "Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics" with 3 years of advanced training in Orthodontics. After 4 years of an intensive college education, she went to University of Pennsylvania Dental School to become a dentist. At Penn, Dr. Lembck fell in love with the art and science of orthodontics and went on to specialize in Orthodontics. Dr. Lembck's 11 years of higher education makes her well qualified to treat patients of all ages with all kinds of orthodontic problems. Dr. Lembck's intellectual property allows her to assess which type of system (metal braces, aligner system) is best suited for the patient. This knowledge provides her with the expert ability to diagnose problems and plan the best time for treatment, especially in growing children. 

Personalized Experience

From the first interaction with our office to the final appointment, our goal at Kate Lembck Orthodontics is complete patient satisfaction. We strive to achieve the smile of your dreams, with the best possible patient care.

Today's orthodontic treatment is not only more fun and esthetic, but much more comfortable than it used to be. This is due to shape-memory wires, the same technology that NASA utilizes. These wires exert a continuous force against the teeth to move them in the right direction, eliminating much of the discomfort that comes with wire tightening, and thereby reducing a patient's overall time in braces. At Kate Lembck Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on making the process of straightening your teeth as comfortable as possible.

Advanced Technology

Our practice uses the best in modern orthodontic technology for your ease and comfort. Our iTero Intraoral Scanner has allowed us to completely replace traditional dental impressions. We create a scan of the mouth with highly accurate digital images in minutes. This technology allows us to 3-D print aligners in our office and work closely with Invisalign on aligner therapy. 

Dr. Kate Lembck is current with the latest in orthodontic treatment and braces technology. From aesthetic options like ceramic braces and Invisalign, to the use of 3D printing technology for quicker and more efficient tooth movement,  Kate Lembck Orthodontics is the location for highly effective and modern orthodontic treatments.

Our use of digital imaging limits exposure to X-rays and produces the clearest images of the teeth.



We are also an environmentally friendly office with a fully computerized patient care system. 

Family Friendly Atmosphere

At Kate Lembck Orthodontics, we pride ourselves in caring for families with multiple members, whether it be parent and child, siblings, or grandparent and grandchild. We have been blessed over the years to meet the kindest people in our practice and truly value caring for them. Our patients are like family to us.

Flexible Payments 

We value a dental office where flexibility is championed. We offer flexible appointment scheduling, treatment options, and payment options. This means that after determining the orthodontic benefits of your insurance plan, we can mutually find a monthly payment schedule that fits your budget. We also offer discounts to patients who pay in full at the start of treatment.

Convenient Location

Our office is conveniently located in the Northwestern Suburb of Philadelphia, minutes from the King of Prussia Mall, the second largest shopping mall in the United States.  Not only are there numerous retailers, such as Lord & Taylor, Dick's Sporting Goods,  Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom just a short drive away, we have several schools within the area such as Skyview Upper Elementary, Arcola Intermediate School, Methacton High School, Visitation BMV School, Woodland Elementary School, Arrowhead Elementary School, and Eagleville Elementary School. Our neighbor, Zwahlen's Ice Cream & Chocolate Co., makes some of the most delicious ice cream in the area!